Where’s my stuff?

I read an article today. I also watched a movie. I then raided some websites. They were all about minimalism.

They all taught the lesson of living with less. Examining every aspect of your life, of your possession, of you connections, and thinking, does this bring me joy? I was shocked to find that I completely agreed with everything they were saying; I buy more than I should, I own more than I should, I want more than I need and i’m rarely satisfied with what I have.

I thought about this in relation to social media specifically, and tried to answer the question of joy for each channel.

Facebook; does it bring me joy? No. Not really. It’s a time sucking, self promotional platform that always leaves me feeling angry, self conscious and frankly, fed up. Of course, it’s lovely to see photos and status updates from friends of past lives, but for the most part, it reminds me of things I don’t have. It also allows me to be mean, to look at other people’s lives and feel proud and arrogant that I’m better, or have done better. To me, that’s not a good thing.

Instagram; does it bring me joy? Hell to the no. I have deleted it from my phone this evening. It’s a perfect, two second grab of someones life. My own profile paints a beautiful picture of my life; the primed positions, and pretty filters. I try and post real life; i’ll post an image of me sweaty, and red int he face having just finished a workout. I feel empowered; this is my life. This is my real, raw life. Then I get a message from a friend saying it won’t get many likes, people don’t like to see that.

I also watched a vlog on YouTube in which the star asked you to go through the list of people you follow, and ask yourself if you enjoy their images. Do you feel good when you saw them? Do they make you want to better yourself? Or, did they make you feel small? Do they make you feel inadequate? I resonate with the latter.

Twitter; does it bring you joy? Nope. It’s too fast. It’s based on your ability to be witty in 140 characters. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m fucking hilarious. But not in 140 characters. It’s gone from my phone too.

I haven’t deleted my profiles from these platforms; I’m going to try 21 days without the apps/websites on my devices. After 21 days I’ll reassess.

I miss writing so, so friggin much. Instead of writing, I spend 30 mins in my bed scrolling through Instagram. I then go to sleep counting out all the things I wish I had, or the things I wish I could do. What does that achieve?

My plan? No Instagram/Twitter/Facebook on my mobile and no mobiles 1 hour before sleep. For 21 days.

Where’s my stuff?